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About Ellen Metzger by hand

Two of Ellen's outfits

Years ago, when I lived in Los Angeles and worked in TV production, for fun between jobs, I started painting T-Shirts and other things for my daughter Jesse to wear. One day I sent her off to school in a freshly painted cotton dress festooned with colorful little dinosaurs. That night, I got three calls from parents wanting identical dresses for their little girls. Before I knew it, I was in business!

Because of the quality and uniqueness, I was able to sell my children's clothing line to the best stores in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and on Melrose. Additionally, I had a great business selling things from my studio.  My hobby had become a successful and wonderfully fun business. When we moved to the island of Ibiza in Spain for a year, I expanded to stores in Europe.

More of Ellen's outfits

Several years ago my husband and I moved to New England.  Recently, while trying to think of a baby gift for the daughter of my longtime friend from California, I decided to look through my old samples to see if I had anything in good enough condition to give her. I knew she would remember wearing my clothes and thought it would be a treat for her to have a familiar vintage garment for her own little girl. I washed a T-Shirt Set and was amazed to find that it still looked like I had just painted it - after all these years! And, I was right: my friend's daughter was thrilled to have an "heirloom" that she could see her daughter in. In fact, I have had many people tell me that they have saved pieces of my work as keepsakes for their children (or themselves!).

So I decided to bring out my paints, brushes and glitter again, and to continue the artwork that has always brought me, and the recipients of my clothes, so much pleasure. Voila! "Ellen Metzger by hand" is back in business!

Download an article about Ellen Metzger by Hand, published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, June 24, 2013